Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm a great manager. No, seriously. No bragging, I am. It is what I've always done. I get things done and people like to work for me.

When asked, in an interview, what I thought made me a good people manager, I said consistency.

I think it is imperative that you be consistent. If two people are both twenty minutes late, they can expect the same repercussions. No favorites. I use a discipline matrix. For every infraction, there is a non-waivering, pre-determined consequence. Whether it be tardiness, internal theft, or a dress code violation... you will never find me letting one employee get away with it, while reprimanding another employee for the same thing.

It works. Why then, in my personal life, do I not use these same principles?? Why is my reaction different from one person to the next when they break plans? Why can I drop a guy I just started seeing without a second thought and be furious if he continues to call after I said I was done... but in the same breath allow my ex to do this to me repeatedly?? Maybe because I have more invested in him?

Well, Sididdy, that doesn't make much sense. I mean, if I was investing in a product, and it wasn't giving me the results I wanted... I would discontinue using it. I wouldn't throw money into a stock for two years as I continue to watch it be less and less consistent. So, why do I keep throwing all of my energy into a "sinking stock" of a relationship just because I've already invested some?

I've decided that I will begin managing my personal life in the same way I manage my professional life. No, I will not be creating a matrix, lol... I'm not that type A... but I will continue to determine what is a priority to me..... and what qualifies somebody for an oral warning as opposed to immediate termination.

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